21 Proven Tricks to Get Your Kid Eat New Foods

Like most parents, I too was struggling with the age-old problem. How to get my child to eat new foods? She would push away anything even slightly unfamiliar, make sounds of disgust and spit the food out even when she would occasionally try it. As a parent, I grew worried, wondering if she gets enough nutrients to support her growth and proper brain development. Something had to be done.

I decided to conduct in-depth research on the psychology behind this behavior and looked into techniques shared online. Once I had a list of ideas, I tried them out on my own daughter and a couple of my friends’ children.

Many of the suggestions out there did not work at all or were unpractical. For instance “remember this is normal”, “be understanding” or “don’t give up”, while insightful did not offer practical solutions to my problems. I wanted something that I could use right away, not tomorrow or next year.

During my trial & error process, I stumbled onto some completely new and unexpected tactics that I compiled together with the rest. As a result, I created a list of 21 practical tricks that actually work and make it much easier for your child to expand their culinary horizons.

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