Here is a list of products, tools, and services that help you on your journey on teaching your child cooking and coding. These are honest recommendations based on my personal research and experience.

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Coding resources

Offline coding toys for kids

Block coding toys

Robotics engineering toys

Coding toys for toddlers

Coding toys for pre-schoolers

Coding toys for 6-year-olds

Coding toys for middle schoolers

Coding books for children

Online coding tools

Security software for children

Screen time management for children

Baby gadgets for new parents

Kids coding languages

Child coding hardware

Coding subscription services for kids


Cooking apps for kids

Safe cooking tools for children

Child size cooking utensils

Cookbooks for children

Cooking knives for children

Cooking toys for children

Cooking tools for children

Cooking apparel for children

Cooking appliances fun to use with children

Cooking subscription services for children


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